About Monkey Fist Digital

Greetings & Welcome

Monkey Fist | A Digital Marketing Co. was founded in 2012 by Natalia Drygosen

We put the punch in your SEO and create, schedule and distribute content for your GMB, Social Media Platforms, Website, Newsletters & Events.

Who We Work With

More than 40 clients have trusted us with their marketing in a number of industries including: Yachting, Publishing, Wellness, Luxury Real Estate, Alternative Energy, Startups, Co-working, Fashion, Architecture, Yoga, Healing Retreats, Higher Education, Automotive, General Contracting, Nonprofits, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Event Trade Shows, Sailing Regattas, Sports, and International Education.

Essentially, we act as the Marketing Department for your company. You outsource this vital role to us because you are ready to gain your time back.

Over six successful years in business.

Consistency Is Important

Our customer retention rate is 99%. Meaning, once a company works with us, they stay on until contracts are over, and usually renew. That’s a big deal! We take pride in this fact.

Monkey Fist Digital is based in Austin, Texas, USA and works with clients remotely, worldwide.

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