Effective Link Building Tactics for eCommerce Sites without penalty risk

Link building over the years has become one of the most important tactics for gaining advantage with the search engines. As a result of this SEOs have always employed different methods – most of which are today useless!

With the many SEO updates in recent times by Google, many of which were targeted at linkspam tactics, many have come to the conclusion that link building is a dead SEO tactic. But this is far from the truth. Link building is still an important part of search engine optimization however; holding on to outdated link building methods is only a waste of time and valuable energy.

If you want to create a truly competitive link profile, you should rather concentrate on effective link building methods that will give results commensurate with your efforts. In this article I want to present you with a few link building tactics that are proven to work any day any time no matter the changes Google introduces.

But first,

Why Build Backlinks?

Search engines, such as; Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo have been tightening their policies around Search Engine Optimisation marketing techniques to game a website’s rankings. As a result, some old-school tricks now can produce very negative results and what was average, but effective can also affect your rankings negatively.  https://mebsites.com/blog/epic-backlink-guide

As mentioned above, many have doubts about building backlinks to their sites in light of recent Google updates. For some businesses the question still remains why do we have to really do this? And it does appear that only the professional SEOs are the ones really talking about link building these days.

So, why care about link building in this dispensation? Why should you put in so much effort into something that you don’t know what the benefit to your business will be?

It’s necessary to quickly say that despite the many Google Penguin updates, Google and some of the popular search engines still use back links to determine the value of your website. The basic two requirements Google needs to rank your site correctly are actually the keywords used on your web content and the links that point to the site.

While keywords helps the search engines to correctly classify (index) your content, links gives your page/website the authority that will better help the search engines to push your webpage up the SERPs. Google simply describes links as votes of confidence from other webmasters. The more votes your site receives therefore, the higher the authority that Google assigns to your site. Consequently, links help Google to effectively rank your site when someone queries a search.

The whole point of link building therefore is to garner a huge volume of high quality backlinks that can help drive web traffic on their own and also earn your company website some credibility and authority with Google and some of the other search engines.

And this brings us to….

How to Acquire High Quality Links In Post Penguin Internet for eCommerce Sites

1. Start A Blog

It is rather surprising that despite the popularity of blogs these days, many companies still do not have a blog. This is unfortunate indeed. Adding a blog to your ecommerce site has various advantages. One such advantage is that providing high quality content and industry specific updates on your blog have a way of helping you garner more quality links than simply trying to use some traditional link building tactics.

Of course, one of the problems many companies face in this area is the lack of in-house resources to run a corporate blog. But this shouldn’t really be a problem since there are many professional freelance bloggers out there. In a situation where you lack in-house facilities you can always employ the services of these freelance bloggers.


2. Give Away Some Of Your High Quality Content

This is another way of building high quality backlinks to your business site. Different tactics come to play here. For example, you can either package valuable special reports, white papers, etc. with links pointing to your site embedded in them and then give them away for free.

Yet another way is by searching out high profile websites in your target niche and then publishing your valuable content as a guest blogger on these sites. You can also go for up-and-coming blogs within your niche for guest blogging opportunities. These are typically more eager to give links to large corporations that show interest in them.

Giving away your best content through guest appearances can quickly help you garner high volume of quality one way links in a very short time.

3. Sponsored Giveaways

This is another link building tactic that is fast gaining popularity. Traditionally, internet marketers use giveaway events to build their email lists. However, in recent times ecommerce sites have turned to bloggers to host their giveaways as a way of not only spreading the word about their products and services but also to build backlinks to their sites.

While some bloggers readily accept to host these giveaways for free, especially those who are just starting out, you can super-charge your link building efforts through sponsored giveaways. This involves you seeking out high PR blogs and requesting them to host your giveaway for a token fee! Done correctly this can actually garner for you some very valuable links in record time.

eCommerce Link Building Takeaway

Google in the recent past have raised the bar when it comes to building back links to your business sites. With its recent search engine algorithm changes and the many Penguin updates, Google now give more regard to quality and value. If you want to gain favor with Google therefore your link building strategy should move towards these new realities.

One quick and sure way any corporate enterprise can do this is by getting the services of professionals. Of course, you can decide on using your in-house internet enthusiasts. But the truth is the success from such efforts can never compare with what you gain with dedicated experts who have access to the secrets of the game.

Here at the Monkey Fist Digital we do not only help you create high quality optimized web content for your sites we also offer professional guest blogging services guaranteed to build valuable backlinks that drives traffic and conversions.