Monkey Fist Digital is proud to deliver Search Engine Optimization or Inbound Marketing, with the goal of increasing your web traffic and improving your company. On our Search Engine Optimization page you can read more about SEO, but the aim of this post is to provide you details about the kind of reports that we offer.

Our SEO customers receive up to 5 reports from us, normally monthly. We’re going to go into more depth below but here’s the rundown of files we ‘re sending:

SEO Progress Report
Google Analytics Report
Keyword Rankings Report
Video Overview Report
Use of Time Report

SEO Analysis & Google Analytics

Perhaps our most detailed all-in-one guide, the SEO Summary report starts with a thoroughly tailored description of:

A personalized presentation featuring preceding month details,
Links to the SEO App Site, and Directories Exchanged Files,
A Analysis of Google Analytics
Social media survey describing behavior on social media accounts for our customer.

Google Analytics is the most popular traffic analysis service on the internet, and while precise figures vary, most reports believe that about 50 percent of the most popular websites on the internet use the free Google tool to measure information on their website.

Both our customers (Web Design and SEO) receive monthly automatic emails with some excellent data (see example below).

That doesn’t even start scratching the floor. Our customers can also log in to Analytics and access mind-boggling volumes of knowledge. Analytics also monitors and comments on data concerning:

Source traffic
Keywords used to search the Site
Form Browser
Visitor location: City, State, Nation etc.
Many more

Keyword Rankings Report

One of our main tasks is to improve access to your website by increasing your rankings for keywords relevant to your industry in order to fulfill our primary goal of helping your company expand. We will create a list of guided keywords with your input early on in our work with you.

The aim is to create a comprehensive list of the most relevant keywords, and aggressively target them with an inbound marketing strategy in the material on your web site. The quickest way to boost swift ranking is to narrow down the targeted list of keywords to a handful of very important ones.

That enables us to concentrate our efforts and see a faster change. We can go to maintenance mode on them, and move on to other keywords after we’re ranked well on those.

We can also detect trends when looking at keyword rankings relative to keywords from your rival.

Strategic Marketing Campaign

Our Strategic Online Marketing Plan is a blueprint detailing a 60-day campaign that helps us to ensure our clients are well advised about the specific SEO goals and on the same page as their strategist.

For those who want to prepare well in advance, 60 Days does not seem like a very long-term schedule, but because of the constantly evolving existence of SEO and the daily algorithm changes from Google and other search engines we tend to stay agile.

This helps us to ensure that our consumers have a package customized to their needs, and it includes the latest knowledge from inside our sector.

Social networking will cover a lot of ground for your company, from Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn, and more. At Thrive, our social media team is partnering with you to find the most successful platforms and tactics for increasing your social performance.

We have built reports to help you appreciate the importance of this and document your success. If it’s viewer development, interaction or lead generation (or all of the above) that is the target, our reports will dig into what’s happening on the different platforms.

You should expect a detailed overview of highlights from the previous month and graphics for and social network operated by Thrive to reinforce the defined primary metrics that are unique to that platform.

Your market is mounting! We have merged our SEO and Social Media reports to save you time and ensure that you are not bombarded with numbers and details, and are still available to review your results in more depth should you have any concerns.

Monkey Fist Digital works tirelessly to ensure that our success is simply and transparently commented on, and to do so, we are providing collaboration with some of the industry’s leading advertising and content marketing instruments. The purpose is to ensure you have the best knowledge available about your web.

Here are a couple of the most notable integrations available:

Google Search Console (formerly Software for Webmasters)
Tools to bing webmaster
Different Site Metrics (domain, pagespseed, etc.)
The Efficiency of Google Ads
Insights on YouTube
Reporting the initiative by email

Stay Informed With Diverse, In-Depth Reporting

We hope that it is clear that these are high-value, actionable papers, we have put a lot of thought into them and we are delighted to be able to give them to you.

Once again, this entire suite of analysis is open to all of our existing SEO customers, our web design customers are already getting an automatic report from Google Analytics, and are able to access the large volume of data accessible from Analytics.

If you are interested in hearing more about our Search Engine Optimization programs, we will be happy to speak to you about your unique case. Learn all about SEO here, and contact us for free.