How to Boost Your Business Online 2022

So many business’ are having a really hard time and doing it tough during lockdown and the Covid-19 Pandemic and each and every one of us is trying to find a way to keep relevant and to promote your business online.  But were do you even start? How? What? When? Where? So many questions! The key objective of countless companies, both large and small, is to boost sales through online marketing. A step backwards and a reflection on key factors which have played an important role in marketing campaign success is wise. Now it is your job to keep up the momentum and grow your digital strategies further. The speed at which contemporary technology is evolving is also important to consider. It’s no wonder that software and hardware that depend on technology are expanding quickly. Customer input has never been more critical in today’s social media climate. Fortunately this means that you can offer one of our most important weapons to your happy customers.


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Boosting your Google Rank

This is where most people struggle. A regular Joe is not going to know the in’s and out’s of how to get to number one, or even page one in an organic search. This is where a Professional SEO Service is required. You need to think of this as another form of advertising. Think about what you yourself do when you are trying to find a particular service…you hit up trusty old Google. Gone are the days of spend $5k on a teeny tine ad in the local paper, or tens of thousands on a TV or Radio advertisement (although for certain business this also has to happen, but here we are talking about your average small business who caters to the local market. Google ranks are then filtered out to other search engines as well so you don’t need to have separate strategies for each Search engine eg Yahoo etc
An SEO expert knows how to keep up with Google ever changing algorithms, and knows what it takes to bring your business to the local market. Depending on what your business needs, your SEO guide will customise a package for you if your needs are large, and most SEO companies have smaller packages to smaller business who are only trying to hit the local market. For example, if you are out for the local market only, you may only need to pay $500-700 per month compared to trying to market to the entire nation, you could be looking at $5000 plus.


Hitting The Right Mark With Your Website Content

The days of exposure and screaming advertisements trying to grab our attention are gone. It is the content material that is king in today’s marketing world. Before you choose what to purchase, your customers consume information and advice online. Moreover, the material you want drives the advertising you display. It should just be part of what you do, because it brings customers to you and eventually improves many facets of your business – not just sales. Great content builds authority, trust and loyalty as a pioneer in your industry. In the end, that creates consumers because you are always in the forefront of people, and you are the one that they are going to if they need your service or product. Content is one of the most important parts of your website, this is where you can you popular search terms, key words and key phrases to your own advantage.


Google My Business

This is the box at the top of your Google search (see image below) This is one of the most fantastic ways to help boost your Google ranking and it’s another form of social media. Use it to your advantage. Not only is it directly connect to Google Maps and is able to give directions, so people can see exactly where you are, but you can let consumers post reviews and rate your business, save you as a favourite business, lets you post all your contact details and links to your website, post pictures, answer customer questions and more. You will however be competing with a number of other business’ that provide the same services and can sometimes be difficult to get to the top of the “3 Pack” if competition is large so it is beneficial to enlist the services of a local SEO Professional who knows the tricks of the trade to help you get there.



Google My Business 3 Pack


Using Social Media To Promote Your Business

Social Media is another great way to promote your business. You can share your own articles and content which then allows your followers to share with their friends and followers. Post lots of pictures if you have a product you are trying to sell. Here you can offer discounts for mentioning the post. There are so many ways in which a business can use any social media platform to their advantage. Follow other business related to your own, business often get referrals or are found vis others using social media. Be careful what you share and who you follow. Keep it business related. This mean do NOT follow celebrities that have nothing to do with your company. Do NOT follow swimsuit models for example unless you are are a swimwear company. Don’t post personal views, racist or sexist views or political views, keep everything you post and share professional and business related. You can find out more about how to use social medial to promote your business, here.


Using Google Ad Words

Google Ads is a pay per click system that enables corporations to “offer,” either above or below organic search results on Google, on certain keywords that will produce their ads. Google Advertising is perfect for companies who want to see the search results instantly on their website or a certain service without the need to wait for months for the results of an organic SEO campaign. Any Google ads are put at the top of the search page so you will be first to be seen, depending on how much you are paying Google for the ad.